Please Wipe Your Shoes on the Mat

A proper Hello would be appropriate in here. Right?

Well, then, Hello to you! And welcome to my porch. Please wipe your shoes on the door mat–no mud allowed in the house. See, I’ve just mopped the floor. It’s all clean, all new, and smells fresh too. Kinda like this blog. Can you smell that Pine-Sol scent? Yup, that would be me. Newbie here.

You’re asking what’s this all about? It’s simple, really. I am a writer. Well, I guess that’s what you call someone who likes to write. No, I am not published. No, I don’t have credits to my name. But I do have a brain. And a computer. Add the two together and throw in some lightbulbs–something’s bound to come out off it, right?

But writing is only part of the equation. I learned pretty quickly that finishing a book and having your sister ooh and aah over it doesn’t quite make one into an instant author. With a shelf full of published books sparkling on your local B&N. So began my venture into the other side of the equation: the world of books and publishing. Query letters, full and short synopses, agent hunting, self-editing, critique groups, writer’s forums–everything that you need to know before you get a key to unlock that door to your ink-and-paper dreams.

If you’re interested, then come along and stop by my corner. This corner. Just don’t forget to wipe your shoes on the mat.


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