How Fit Are You? Take the Wasteline Test

Don’t run away.

No weight scales here. Promise. The Wasteline Test is a diagnostic instrument taken from the book The Writer’s Diet by Helen Sword. It’s designed to show you the flab (weak verbs, abstract nouns, prepositions, etc.) in your writing. I did say in an earlier post that even books need to lose weight. Wish I knew about this test back when I first started writing.

SO. Have fun with it, go crazy if you must, and eat chocolate while you’re at it. I’m off to finish cleaning my house–a mundane task, I know, but even I can’t write in a pigsty. I can do it for three days…after that, my muse shrivels up from the sight and smell of unpleasant, unclean, unfamiliar, unknown substances lurking in every corner of the house. Oh wait, it’s called dust.

I told you I can’t write in these conditions.

Here ya go: The Wasteline Test.

By massdistraction

                                          Oops, I lied about the weight scale.


6 thoughts on “How Fit Are You? Take the Wasteline Test

  1. First of all, WOW! Just look at this place! You've been decorating, you sneaky. 🙂 It is lovely and fabulous.And thanks for the fun link! I'll check it out, although I'm a little leery to look at those numbers. EEPS.

  2. @Anita: yay, I'm glad u like my new place. I worked hours on it last night–hours because I'm a nincompoop when it comes to techie stuff. Lucky for me, google saved the day or night.@Huntress: glad u liked it. We had fun with it over at AQ, back in the old site (not the spankin' new digs), and we totally wasted precious writing time by using it and then hurrying over to tell everyone whether we were fat or skinny. 😛 the wips, I mean.@Sarah: hooray for you!

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