Cracked Myself Out of the Egg so I Could Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

The overwhelming facts were against me.

Everywhere I looked, the little blue birdie flashed its cerulean feathers to taunt me.

Tweet, tweet, tweet! it said.

No, no, no, I replied. Too busy. I have a WIP to finish, kids to raise, a house to clean, dinner to cook, books to read, and a blog to keep.

Tweet, tweet, tweet. Accompanied with a glint of its eye. Mocking and enticing me at the same time.

I threw up my hands in frustration. Alright, I give up. I’ll come take a look.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I did not just take a look. I took a dive. I am now on Twitter and yes, you can follow me. Imagine that.

Thanks to Anita Howard who posted this, and made me think if she’s brave enough to take the plunge, maybe I’m brave enough too? Hmm…still not sure.

Another thank you goes to Nina Badzin who wrote a twitter for dummies post here.

If you’re already on Twitter, come and say hello. I’m still learning to fly.


8 thoughts on “Cracked Myself Out of the Egg so I Could Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

  1. Dude, Cherie, I will FIND you! (yeah, think of Daniel Day Lewis saying it Last of the Mohicans style, and then it's cool, otherwise, it's just kinda creepy).I'm there too, lady – @bigblackcat97! We shall tweet at each other much!

  2. I'm already following u. What do u think is the best app for twitter on iPhone? I'm having problems with lists and following peeps. Tried twitter online on desktop; it's just as retarded. Maybe it's me who's not doing it right.

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