Monday Funnies, A Wonderland Blog Award, and A Monthsary for this Baby Blogger

Hello Monday!

I got up bright and early today, despite my reputation as a reluctant week starter. Why? you ask. It’s May and the sun is shining, hooray! Well, that and the fact that my bestest blogger friend Anita at A Still and Quiet Madness has graciously and generously handed me my third award (I’m really feeling the love these days, folks! Thank you so much!).

It’s so lovely, I’m afraid to touch it. Thank you, Anita!

She’s giving out more awards over at her blog (I told you she was generous), and I’m happy to see some familiar names given recognition for their efforts.

When I started blogging a month ago–it’s my blog’s monthsary–I was a newborn babe flailing around in the world of bloggingdom. I remember my fingers getting clammy at the keyboard, my stomach twisting in complicated pretzel knots, and the fear that I would become another dead blog in cyberspace because really, who’d take interest in an unpubbed writer deigning to proclaim herself a writer in the first place when she has nothing to show for it…yet?

But I made friends and quickly inundated myself with all things blog-worthy, such as learning what HTML codes are and don’t ever forget to save your template if you’re attempting to change your layout…. I found that being myself, in all my incompetent and so-far-from-perfect glory, is okay. That people can like me for who I truly am inside.

One month, 50 followers, 3 blog awards, and friends I’ll keep forever–these are my stats and they’re AWESOME! I’m happy I took the plunge that April Fool’s Day (thought I was fooling myself. Tehee.) Thank you for helping me feel so welcomed.

And now, as it is Monday after all, here is the funny for today. To all my friends/followers, cheers!  *passing out cookies*

By Debbie Ridpath Ohi

9 thoughts on “Monday Funnies, A Wonderland Blog Award, and A Monthsary for this Baby Blogger

  1. Yeah, Sophie. Anita is wonderful and I just love her for making my Monday great.Though my head disagrees with Monday mornings–I'm still feeling groggy and a bit disoriented. I may be coming down with something (I hope not). Or probably cause I stayed up late watching the news last night. Dunno.

  2. Congrats on the monthsary, lol. I started about the same time as you. Well, actually, I started earlier, but didn't tell anyone I had a blog until about a month ago!

  3. HEE on your Monday funny, girl. And WOW, you make that award look good! :)I hope you feel better soon. Watching the news always makes me feel sick … so maybe that is what's going on. Heh. Happy Monthsary, Cherie! I'm so happy you're here in the bloggasphere with us. :)*waves to Sophie*

  4. Hi Cherie! Found your blog via Anita's awards, and I can definitely see why you won "Most Artistic Blog!" Can't believe you've only been doing this a month… Can't wait to explore your site some more! đŸ™‚

  5. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by. Anita's a real doll, isn't she? Thanks for following and welcome to my haven. I hope you'll find things you like. đŸ˜‰

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