I Write Like and The Chocolate Bunnies

Since it’s the weekend, I’m here to bust your hopes for getting any writing done with an analyzer tool that tells you Who Do You Write Like…or

Go on. Try it. It’s more addicting than leftover Easter candy (assuming there’s any left in your cupboard. Unless if you’re me and you keep a hidden stash. For emergencies, of course.) 

So. Er, go ahead and see who you write like. I’ll just be over here.
Photo by anjuli_ayer
BTW, here are my stats:
WIP “Hidden” = Ernest Hemingway
Random Blog Post = James Joyces
The Cliche Narrative I wrote = Arthur Conan Doyle (I think Sir Arthur is rolling in his grave with this one) 
Happy Weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “I Write Like and The Chocolate Bunnies

  1. That was CRAZY addictive; how did you find that? I got these for 4 different snippets: H.P.LovecraftChuck PalahniukJames JoyceDan BrownLOL. Dan Brown? We both got JJ!

  2. I remember trying that out a few months ago. I inserted selections from different manuscripts and the results were all over the place! Very amusing.(You're sharing time-sucks for the weekend, cherie–tsk tsk.) 😉

  3. @Jen: XD hehe!@Lori: Cool! I've never gotten JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. ;D Does that mean you've got potential to go down the same road they've taken? *wink*@Bethany: I had to google her too. Apparently, she is pretty poetic. Methinks I was right in saying you have a future in poetry after your wonderful Ode to Blogspot. :D@Jenny: I used my wizarding powers. 😉 @Joyce: Yeah, we had a blast with this back in AQ. We plugged in everything from commercial jingles to actual book snippets to see if the authors themselves wrote like themselves. Yeah, we were crazy and totally wasting time. 😉

  4. Hi Cheryl! Nice to see you here. Yeah I know, it's laughable. 😉 I plugged in the whole ms and that's what it gave me. The results vary if you put in snippets. I think I did half of a chapter once and it gave me James Joyce. I wrote some gibberish one time and it came out Margaret Atwood. 😉

  5. I got Ursula K. Le Guin for one of my blog posts and Ray Bradbury for a chapter out of my manuscript. I recognized Le Guin as a big sci-fi/fantasy author but I had to look up Bradbury (he's published a t.o.n. of things). I think I'm flattered 😉

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