A Milestone Contest and an Awesomesauce Blog Award!


As I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to do a fun little contest to thank my wonderful followers. Also, as I’m not a millionaire, we’ll stick with easy, inexpensive prizes.

So. What’s the deal? Two winners, two prizes. A $15 iTunes Gift card and a First Chapter Critique (your first chapter doesn’t have 50 pages, right?). I know it’s not super-mega-fantabulous, but hey I won’t pull your leg either with the contest rules.

Speaking of rules, here they are:

1. Follow my blog. If you’re already following, hooray for you! You’re halfway there. *wink*

2. Post in the Comment Section the answer to this question: What makes you happy?
Easy, right? Since my blog is about the “pursuit of writing and happiness”, I thought it would be fun to see what makes people smile.

3. Tell me your preferred prize, whether you want the gift card or the critique. I will then separate the entries for each prize and draw for a winner accordingly. Nothing scientific in the drawing process. I’ll simply write your names on a piece of paper and let the kiddos pick them out of a hat. Or a bucket. Depends on what I find lying around the house. Contest ends on Thursday, May 19th at midnight (MST).

I hope you’ll participate. I’d love to know what makes you float, sigh, thrum with giddiness, or burst into laughter. What makes your heart beat. Life is short, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it.   β€

Alright, on to the blog award my snazzy, peppy, and full of awesomesauce herself, blogger friend Sophie Li of The Wordsmith Apprentice bestowed on my undeserving head. She’s quite a busybody–learning ballet, playing the violin and the viola, stalking out So You Think You Can Dance dancers, dressing up as a Harry Potter character, and did I mention she also served in the Army and had jumped out of a plane for a parachuting exercise even though she’s scared of heights??

And yes, she’s a writer working on her memoir. So pay her a visit unless you want something similar to this happen to you. Nah, just kidding. Sophie is an absolute sweetie. =)  Thank you, Sophie for the honor.

I had this on spaghetti. Super yum!

The rules are:

1. Thank and link to the person who gave me this fabulous piece of work. Thanks, Sophie!
2. Pay it forward to no more than one person per month. Elaborate why said person is deserving of said award. Are you deserving? I’m accepting applications now. *wink*
3. Answer the following questions:

       – What is your favorite song currently playing on your iPod, CD player, etc.?
I have Colbie Caillat’s album Coco playing on repeat. Don’t ask me why. It just is.

       – If we peek into your Internet history, what would we find?
Most likely a Wikipedia entry on carnival games. Been researching for my WIP. Good thing you didn’t ask me this a week ago when I was searching for combination drugs for er…well, never you mind.

       -And lastly, what is your all-time favorite movie that you watch over and over again?
 Princess Bride! “Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.” “As you wish.” Swoon! LOL

I am pleased to pass this award to one of my first ever blog friends, the lovely Ms. Anita Howard from A Still and Quiet Madness. She made me feel welcomed when I was still wobbling as a new blogger, and she encouraged and uplifted me in many, many ways. I know I’m not the only one who can attest to her awesomesauce-ness. Thank you, Anita, for being my friend.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO JOIN THE CONTEST! It’s really painless, and I’m a pretty adequate critiquer. I think. Hehe. =)


33 thoughts on “A Milestone Contest and an Awesomesauce Blog Award!

  1. Things that make me smile/happy:Hands down my dog. (I actually just wrote a blog about him yesterday.) He's amazing; he runs with me, pulls me on my longboard skateboard, and even when he's dumb and refuses to listen to me, eventually he caves in and comes bounding toward me (I'm always terrified he'll knock me over)…but his presence has been a blessing in my life for the last 4 years (wow, five years next month!). Yea, my dog definitely makes me happy :). Plus, I mean, when I'm bored, I always have someone to play with!Oh, and for the prizes (I love winning stuff!), I just like free stuff, so am I allowed to say I'd take whichever is easier for you?

  2. Sure, you're allowed! πŸ˜‰ Oh dogs are fun and they're so loyal! I loved the dog we had growing up–he would always meet us on the road when we were coming home from school. Thanks for joining! And you're the first one. If no one else joins you get everything, baby! Lol!

  3. PRINCESS BRIDE <3What makes me happy… my daughter does! She's such a bundle of sunshine. Definitely writing! And my husband when he isn't being a drama queen xDDI'm totally in for the critique, woo~

  4. What makes me happy… that tingly feeling I get when I nail a scene and it's more synchronistic than what I'd even planned for!I'd love for you to check out chapter 1, if I get picked! πŸ™‚

  5. Sophie Li's my HERO. I mean seriously? I'm terrified of heights and you won't ever see me jumping out of a plane … unless the plane happens to be crashing and there's an ocean beneath us. Heh.What a great award!! I LURV IT! Sophie, you are such a saucy girl. HeeheeThank you, lovely Cherie! I will link it to my sidebar and cherish it. Oh, and I'll do a post on it SOON. πŸ˜‰ BTW, friends like you make me happy. And no need to enter me in the contest. I'm already a winner (not the Charlie Sheen kind–the REAL kind) because of all my pals here on blogger. So good luck to the contest entries! IMO, all of you should ask for the crit. Cherie is a master wordsmith and writer. πŸ™‚

  6. Aw, thanks lovely Anita. See, people? Do you see now why she is awesomesauce-nessesesses. Me love Anita.LOL on the Charlie Sheen reference #WIN!

  7. @Lori: Awwww, I love my kids too. Esp. my girl–she's just the sweetest. And I love dressing her up. Thanks for joining!@Carissa: Yay for good scenes! Thanks for joining hun, and the twitter shout out!

  8. *cheers wildly knocking everyone else out of the way* ooo pick me pick me!! I love contests! hmmmm I'm going to have to borrow a page from Anita … my new online writer friends like Cherie, Anita, S.B., Sara, Shawna, Jacquelyn I can go on … seriously … really puts a smile on my face. Sometimes laugh out loud happy which is totally 'awesome sauce.' hehe PS – I-Tunes .. I am luvin Adele.awwww thank you both SO much for the kind words. Anita I was going to give you the award next month but I had no doubt Cherie would beat me to it. I think the both of you are always on top of people's list because you two lovelys always pays it forward and reciprocate. It is what I aspire to. SO thank you guys!And I guess blogger is acting up again cuz our little blogging friend faces are gone. *mumbles unmentionables*

  9. Things that make me happy: sitting in the spot the sun makes on the floor when it comes in the window. A cup of hot cocoa or ice cream, depending on mood. Meeting a writing goal. Spending time with my family.Can I have the crit? Or the gift card. Either one is good for me.

  10. What makes me happy? Reading by the fireplace with a warm blanket around my shoulders and a cup of hot cocoa nearby. My sleeping cat at my feet.Or seeing my daughter(s) do something amazing: my Bianca playing piano or viola and my Portia singing or dancing. I'd love to win the critique!

  11. I am SUCh a follower. What makes me happy? A good book, a cup of tea, and a comfy place to sit is life's greatest pleasure. Unless it's writing. Or maybe eating.Lots of things make me happy. i am easy that way.Oh and since I'm not quite to the submitting things for critique stage yet, I definitely prefer the iTunes gift card! I love music!

  12. Since my book is being published in a couple of weeks, I could sure use that iTunes gift card. πŸ™‚ – What is your favorite song currently playing on your iPod, CD player, etc.?Right now I have a playlist of Adele, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and Ella Fitzgerald on repeat. I'm feeling soulful lately. πŸ™‚ – If we peek into your Internet history, what would we find?You'd find a lot of blogs. I've been catching up on my reading. – And lastly, what is your all-time favorite movie that you watch over and over again?The Holiday. I'm a sucker for an awkward love story and anything starring Jude Law. πŸ™‚

  13. Things that make my happy? Sunshine, baby toes, hot cocoa when it's cold outside, and yes – a good book!I would love that critique!

  14. Hey Cherie, you've got a cool blog here!Things that make me happy:rainy days, white hot chocolate, friendly faces, Lord of the Rings, and DisneylandI think I'll put my name in for the iTunes gift card πŸ™‚

  15. @Sophie: LOL! "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."@Kayeleen: Love the imagery of the sun coming through the window.@Jeana: Your daughters are talented! Wow!@T.S.: Wohoo on the book coming out soon! I'm keeping an eye out for that ;)@Jen: Yes on baby toes! I looove baby feet :)@D.U.: That's a good list. #4 is probably my genie-in-a-bottle wish since I can't even run outside–it's raining! Yeah, yeah, I should go to the gym instead. :S@Stephanie: Hey girl! Thanks for the follow. Disneyland and LOTR, definite yeses on both! πŸ˜‰

  16. Fun! I love contests. You know what makes me happy? Food. And movies.Oh yeah, and my family & friends (blah blah blah):)I could use either prize, really…

  17. I'd nearly forgotten about the ROUS's (Rodents of unusual size)…love that movie. Nice pull, friend!What makes me happy? Watching people fall down. iTunes, baby…give me iTunes!

  18. And here I thought you were going to name "A Christmas Story" for your favorite movie ;o) Haha! What makes me happy? Well, I have two types of "happy". The kind of happy that will make me dance around the room and speak incoherently- a sub request from an agent on my "A" list. My other kind of happy is the kind that warms my heart, and for that moment, makes me feel like everything is right with the world. That kind of happy comes from quality time with my family- every one is getting along, the kids aren't fighting . . . there's nothing better :o)For my prize, I could REALLY use the critique since I just finished my WIP :o) Plus, I don't own an Ipod :o)

  19. Excellent contest! πŸ˜€ This is awesome. AHH I love Princess Bride so I guess I will use that as my answer to the question of what makes me happy. Oh, and running around in the rain makes me happy too πŸ™‚ I'm a new follower and absolutely love your blog! Oh, and for the prizes I would love the $15 gift card since I just downloaded and started using iTunes! ~TRAhttp://xtheredangelx.blogspot.com

  20. That we maybe don't have to move and Husband may have a new job makes me deliriously happy. πŸ˜€ My kitties and writing, too.I'm new. From Monday's blogfest. I don't use itunes, so would opt for the critique.

  21. First off, great contest! I just finished one on my blog, and it was really great getting to know everyone. What makes me happy? Kids bedtime (it's been one of those days). :)I'll go for the critique. Thanks!

  22. I'm a relatively new follower and happy to be here! Other things that make me happy: A free evening, a shiny new idea, and a good beer. I'd love the giftcard!

  23. Oh, I've won too much stuff lately so I'll pass and give everyone else a chance!In any case, I'm a follower, and here's what makes me happy: snuggling with my kids. I'm extra happy if they're not kicking me by accident.:)

  24. Woohoo! Hi new followers! Thanks for the follow and welcome to my little haven ;)@Marewolf: Food makes me happy too. And I actually like cooking, only it takes so much time.@Bethany: My purple sistahs are commenting right after each other! Whoa πŸ˜‰ Hey, that was you laughing at me the other day? When I tripped on Mr. Oatmeal (my 3-year-old's teddy) who was passed out on the stairs? LOL!@Angela: I almost did! But it's nowhere near Christmas and I didn't want to come out as a cuckoo head for watching it over and over again. πŸ˜‰ I get happy too when the kids aren't fighting–why does it drives us moms bonkers when they get on a wrestling match? Seriously.@Red Angel: Hi new follower! Running around in the rain, huh. I love rain too, except it's been raining nonstop for several days now. Maybe I can send this rain your way? ;D@MPax: Hi and welcome! Goodluck on not moving and hubby getting a new job. :)@Rachel: Hi! Thanks for following πŸ˜‰ Yes, I'm with you on bedtime. After the kiddos are in bed, that's my ME time. Which translates to: my writing time. ;)@Michelle: Ah, you're always welcome to flaunt and parade your macaroni and glitter crown of hashtags I made you. πŸ˜‰ @Sarah: Yay, I like shiny new ideas. They're so exciting! It was great meeting you during the blogfest and thanks for following, btw.@Lydia: Lucky you! With your winning streak, have you ever thought of buying lottery tickets? Lol! Thanks for participating–I love snuggling with my kids, especially after they just had their bath. Baby smell!

  25. Congratulations on breaking the three-digit mark! I don't know how you manage to be so involed in the blogging/social media community while still being a wife and a mom and an active writer and…wow. Hat's off to you.My siblings make me happy. My sisters are my best friends and my little brothers are the most adorable bundles of cuteness that I can't help but be happy when I'm with them! Also: good books, handwritten letters, and hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. I'd like the critique πŸ™‚ Oooooh, I love love love the Princess Bride.

  26. Fun contest, I'll give it a go!I amay get a little indulgent here but what can I say…it's the perfect day.What makes me happy Sitting in my bed, comfy pjs wrapping me in a warm embrace, nothing to do but write. The fan is on the floor blowing a cool breeze in my direction. Besides the hum from the fan and the diet pepsi fizzing a yummy melody on my night stand, there is no noise. Just the thoughts of a story rumbling in my head.Many other things make me happy, but this would be a perfect writing day for me.If I win I'd love to have the critique:)

  27. @Caitlin: Hi girl! Thanks for joining the contest. I thought for sure you were going to add: zebra-striped gloves to the list ;D@Rachna: Hi and thanks!@Deana: Wow, beautiful imagers. You had me at comfy pjs. =) Thanks for joining.The contest is now closed. I will pick out the winners over the weekend, and announce the lucky ones by Monday. So stay tuned. And a big THANK YOU for making this contest–my first ever–a SUCCESS! You guys are just AWESOMESAUCE!

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