Writing Is NOT Like A Box of Chocolates: A Meme

Writing is like…a tango dance.

Writing is tapping your feet to the beat of your heart, sultry notes pulsing under your skin, the flick of your wrist and the swish of your skirt. Backs rigid yet pliable, ready to yield, conform. Chin up straight, the angles sharp, focused.
And then the music begins.
Slow, languid…you take your time. Each word marked down is a burst of color, of life. Forming, twisting into patterns, step by step by step. Your shoulders tense, slightly arching, as the story unfolds.
Synchrony. Balance. Passion.

But! The rhythm moves sinuously, rising crescendo, as your characters fall in and out of love. Emotions raw like open wounds.  You slide down your partner’s body, leg stretching behind you, a form of surrender.
Let go.
Music pounding, thrumming inside your pores. You spin, you spin, you spin…. Words bleeding tears on white pages.

You dance. You write.
A.M. Supinger of Inner Owlet tagged me for this meme Writing Is NOT Like A Box of Chocolates. The goal is to come up with a metaphor–anything but chocolates–to answer the question, Writing is like…? I hope you enjoyed my own vision above.

The rules are simple:

>Come up with the metaphor.
>Tag 3 people.

I’m tagging the following people:
1. Anita Howard of A Still and Quiet Madness because she writes beautifully, and I’m sure she’ll make us weep with her lovely metaphor and imagery. No pressure, Anita! Hehe.
2.Angela Cook of The Starving Novelist because she has just recently said goodbye to her first novel and is moving forward with a different vision. It’ll be wonderful to see her insight on what writing is like for her at this phase.

3. Carissa of My Inner Stillness because this girl is one of the most hardworking writers I know. Her passion and determination is incredible, and I keep wishing it will rub off on me if I keep hanging out with her. You rock, my friend.

19 thoughts on “Writing Is NOT Like A Box of Chocolates: A Meme

  1. I think you are spot on in regards to writing is more of an on-going evolving living element than a regimented skill.Sometimes its the ability to let go of the fear and allow this strange little dance to lead that makes a difference from writing and not.Thanks for another great post.

  2. Yes, Tango is so sexy. The thing about this dance is that you have to have perfect control, while at the same time, be able to let go.Writing for me is very much that way. Control and letting go. Balance. =)

  3. Dear Lord, you set the bar high!! lol. That was absolutely beautiful (and spot on)! I'm so not literary and lyrical, so mine will most definitly not be as pretty ;o) But I've been given a mission and will therefor fulfill it to the best of my ability! ;o)

  4. Oh, I LOVED your metaphor. So perfect. 🙂 And your descriptions — ahhh — music in and of themselves, my dear. How am I supposed to follwo this??Hee. Well, I'll give it my best shot … sometime next week. Ever the procrastinator. LOL. Thanks sparkly pal!

  5. wonderful, so true. beautifully written and inspiring… one of my favorite posts 🙂 I find its good to sit out a dance or two to catch the breath if i find myself getting really swept away. At fisrt I thought taking little breaks would kill the magic but instaed it makes it last longer and is less exhausting after too!(at least for me when i write)-Rivercat Crying With A Sense Of Human

  6. Ooohhh… this is going to be fun! I'll work on this during the weekend… Look for it, probably Monday. :DThanks for tagging me! You, rock, too, woman!

  7. Loved your metaphor and your video! The tango is such a sexy, emotional dance, but I would never have made the connection between it and writing! So glad I tagged you 🙂

  8. wow. That was fantastic! I needed a tango in my last MS… too bad I hadn't read this first! That was beautiful~ :o) ❤

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