Follow the Yellow Brick Road of Memes…

I love my blogging buddies. They are talented, creative writers, and if you’ve been following the meme: Writing is NOT like a box of chocolates originated by the great Michelle Simkins of Greenwoman, you know what I mean.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Since it’s Friday, and I’m buried under my pile of To-Do lists (I have several), I will let you amuse yourselves by following the trail of memes scattered all over the blogosphere.

Here they are:

Writing is like…

leading a double life. (Greenwoman)
flying. (Inner Owlet)
a river trip. (The Party Pony)
jaywalking. (Creative Procrastination)
a patchwork quilt. (In The Jungle,)
a box of chocolates. (Creativity or Insanity? Straddling the Line…)
a rose. (A Still and Quiet Madness)
losing your virginity. (The Starving Novelist)
being god. (My Inner Stillness)
hiking. (A Book, A Girl, A Journey)
an old hound dog. (Write Away)
climbing a mountain. (It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets an Agent)
the all 80’s channel on Sirius/XM (Rookie Riter: Trying to Get it Write)
a journey into/of the unknown. (Impact of Thoughts)
my therapy. (Tracey Hansen Will Write for Food)
planting the seeds of the future. (A Storyteller’s Musings)
sailing. (The Write Time)
a business. (Decreed)
a hiding place. (Ashley Nixon)
…a set of car keys. (The Wordsmith Apprentice)
dumpster diving. (Eli Ashpence)
telepathy/astral projection. (INK ROCK)
baking a cake. (Tighty Writie)
therapy. (Katie On Fiction)
raising a child. (ROSE RED)
a symphony. (Kayeleen’s Creation Corner)
a mountain. (MY JOURNEY)

And my own version: Writing is like a Tango dance.

This brick road of memes keeps forking every which way, and I’m sure I’m missing more wonderful metaphors. If you’d like to have yours added, just let me know.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


15 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road of Memes…

  1. Bless you, my soul sistah! I love that you put all of these together in one place. Now I can just read instead of feeling guilty for not finding my writing mojo today.

  2. You are the BEST, Cherie Sparkles. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the linkage. I, like, my pal Bethany, do like to find the lazy way out of things. Hee. What a STUPENDOUS idea. Have a productive writing weekend, my dear!

  3. Look how awesome you are ;o) Thanks for putting this list together (it takes me FOREVER to do links). I love all the creative takes on this meme. What an awesomely talented group of writers ;o) Have a wonderful weekend, friend :o)

  4. Oh these are genius! Writing is TOTALLY like jaywalking, and also being God. xD I love this haha. I wish I'd heard about this earlier so I could participate…sounds like great fun!~TRA

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