Poetry, the Music to my Soul

I’m not, by any means, a real poet. But…I do love words. I love poems and the way they sing to me. Sometimes, when I feel emotions bind me so tightly I can hardly breathe, I grab my notebook and jot down the words that come to me. It’s my release, my silent reprieve. Today my soul is shaking, vulnerable, as I share with you a few of the poems I’ve written over the years.

I want to
crawl under my skin and
never come out–

Dewdrops fall.
Silver rain.
Words all locked up
inside my head…
They scream, they scream,
“Let us out!”

Lips remain shut
Fear, the glue.
I can’t win, can’t win, can’t win
Soulless, I am
by your hands,
your words,
your glance.
Like the wind you come
And sweep me off.
Grand gestures–
A dance,
A kiss,
 A smile.
Airborne, high up you take me
And then let go.
I’m falling,
Rocketing past my dreams,
My hopes,
All laughter.

I am broken.
By Jason Barnes

22 thoughts on “Poetry, the Music to my Soul

  1. You are so brave to share your poetry! I always hide mine. I can't bring myself to burn it, but I can't bring myself to show it to anyone either!!!!I like the shape of the last one, it reminds me of those fancy kites that some people fly at the beach. Appropriate, no?

  2. I like it! It's much better than the crap I should take off my own website! The thing with poetry; I always want to know what is behind it…what was the author going through at the time. Good stuff!

  3. I didn't even notice the shape of the last poem resembles a kite. Wow, talk about a beautiful and apt coincidence. Thank you for your kind words, hun. Poetry is very personal to me. =) Luvyahmucho.

  4. "Lips remain shut/Fear, the glue" yes, I love this too. Thanks for putting up your poems. More than a discovery of the selfI find poetry to be some kind of tragic addiction with very limited negative consequences unless learning a little vocabulary here and there is a bad thing 🙂

  5. @Jeana: I'm too scared to include my poetry into my novel. :S@Rivercat! I'm honored. You are a lovely poet with beautiful words. I'm nothing compared to you and your poetry. Thanks for stopping by. ;)@Lynda: Thank you!! 😉

  6. Oh, beautiful!! You know what a poetry dork I am, so I loved them all! But my favorite is Soulless. Just incredible and romantic. Thanks for sharing these, miss sparkles!

  7. I always have a moment of hesitation before I share my poetry, especially since most of it is over ten years old. You share yours so openly. That is a wonderful quality to have as a writer. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  8. Thank you T.S., Peaches, Jennie, and Rebecca! I'm glad you ladies enjoyed my poetry. ;)I'm not so brave…reckless maybe, and naive, but thank you all for the kind words. XOXOXOX

  9. I love it! Beautiful!You should do my poetry shmoetry blogfest (and all the other poetry lovers out there)I would love to have you :)p.s. I really did come to your blog to read it not to plug my blogfest, it just happened that you're a brilliant poet and I'm hosting a poetry blogfest- I blame the fates ;)http://writingwithshelly.blogspot.com/2011/06/join-my-blogfest-its-fun-fest.html#comments

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