Friday Musing: Guest Post by Dean C. Rich

One of the best things about blogging is finding new friends and eventually roping them into guest posting for me. Hehe.  =)

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest over at Dean C. Rich’s blog The Write Time. Today, we get the honor of having him as our guest blogger. Dean is your classic nice guy. He hangs out at AQConnect where he is constantly helping out writers in distress. 😉 His blog, The Write Time, touches on writing and time management tips. Which is awesome. ‘Cause seriously, we all need to learn how to manage time, right? And with us writers, time is always slipping through our fingers. (For instance, I thought it would only take me less than 5 minutes to write this paragraph. Ah, no. It’s taken me 10 because I kept scrolling down my Twitter feed. *headsmack*) So go pay him a visit when you have a chance. 😉

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Writing is no longer a solitary endeavor. True you still need to write the whole darn thing by YOURSELF, but the journey can be taken in a double-decker ala Harry Potter’s Knight Bus with fellow writers there to virtually pat you on the back when you’re feeling slightly greenish. Anyway, Dean’s here to share his own writing experience. I’m shunting myself off to a corner now…. Enjoy! 😉

The end of February I had a rare free day.  So I went back to the agent query to see if I could narrow down a list of agents that would represent my genre.  Then I saw a link for writers.  I clicked on the link and that changed everything.
The link took me to Agent Query Connect.  I joined and posted.  I got some great replies to my posts.  Friendly folks.  I joined some online Wednesday night chats and learned a ton of things. 
Suddenly I was no longer a lone writer doing research at the library and asking family and friends to help me.  I became a member of a community of writers willing to share and help each other.  As I participated in the forums, I’ve learned so much.  They introduced me to blogging and twitter.  Again my friends at AQC helped get me off the ground.
Now I find myself in a larger community.  I’ve made friends that I wouldn’t have known.  My manuscript is so much better now than it was.  I’ve a query letter that I am willing to send out.  I have a confidence to do more with my writing now. 
You cannot write in a vacuum and be successful.  There is so much going on in the writing community right now.  There are more choices for a writer now that weren’t even around a few years ago.  I learned all of this just by clicking on that link a few months ago.  I just wish I would have found the link years ago.


Thank you, Dean! By the way, you can also follow him on twitter: @DeanCRich.


6 thoughts on “Friday Musing: Guest Post by Dean C. Rich

  1. So true! And dudes, writing is so much more FUN with a community of crazy writers to hang with. Or in Dean's case, not so crazy, but srsly nice. 😀

  2. It's never been easier for writers to find each other and hang out. No longer do you need look for writers in your area; you can find them online. Sweet.

  3. Rachna, you should check it out. There's a forum for just about anything you can think of. ;)Michelle, yup! It's where I found you ;)Cheryl, so true. There's every kind of social media out there just waiting to be used. Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes not when it detracts from the writing. Still, I recommend connecting with other writers. Support fuels motivation. 🙂

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