My Short Story Has Been Published!

Hello Monday! {I know this is late, but it’s still technically Monday, so there you go.}

I am sorry I don’t have a funny for you today, but I have better news: My short story “The Stone House” is now up at! And it’s going to stay up there for a whole ENTIRE week (July 24th-July 30th). SQUEE!!!

Hogglepot is a weekly fantasy journal that features short fiction with magical or fantastical elements. The best thing about Hogglepot is the fact that they will donate all proceeds from purchases of their quarterly issues to Reading is Fundamental, a literacy charity that supplies books to underprivileged children in the US. How awesome is that!

You can follow Hogglepot on Twitter: @thehogglepotpig
Like them on Facebook:!/HogglepotJournal

I’m always all for supporting anyone who is an advocate of literacy and providing books for children to foster their love of reading.

On a different note, Chapter 8 of the Skeleton Key blogvel is up at Jennifer Merritt’s The Demeter Diaries. Check it out!


29 thoughts on “My Short Story Has Been Published!

  1. Just got done reading your story and loved it! I also love that Hogglepot donates proceeds to charity. Will your story also appear in their quarterly magazine?

  2. WOW, THANK YOU GUYS!!!You are all so supportive and nice. I really appreciate the love. Thanks for reading my story and visiting my blog. You guys ROCK!*Scott, yes, I think so. I'm buying it for sure when it becomes available!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so glad I saw this while the story was still up, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the great read! Congratulations again, woo-hoo! 🙂 🙂

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