Just a little side note…and a big THANK YOU!

I won Michelle Simkins’ Give Me Your Cute Evil Longing to Eat Brains with my illustrated short story entry “Beware the Bunny“, so THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me! I really, really appreciate your support. My family is excited to welcome Ryan the Yarn Zombunny into our home. ❀

Also, I am guest posting at A.M. Supinger’s blog Inner Owlet with my MGish short story called “The Magic Pebble”. It has a dragon, possibly. And a humongous fish. πŸ˜‰

Okay, now back to our regular programming…don’t forget to join the BOOK GIVEAWAY contest. The prize: T.S. Welti‘s debut MG novel “The Fifth Specter”, book one of the Parker Chance series.


9 thoughts on “Just a little side note…and a big THANK YOU!

  1. I just read your Magic Pebble story on Inner Owlet. I loved the magical, old-worldy atmosphere you created. You are an amazing writer. :)Congrats on winning Ryan! I voted for you.

  2. Congrats on winning the Zombunny! Your short story was fantastic. I liked Maggie's voice and the atmosphere you created. Have you thought about turning it into a MG novel?

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