Monday is Blog Award Time!!!

Hello Monday!

This is going to be quick and easy. I have recently gotten to know these bloggers and I thought they need acknowledgement for the work they put on making their blogs shiny and sparkly. And you know me, I like sparkly things! 😉

So I hereby award the BLOG ON FIRE award to the following ladies:

1. Jessie Humphries
2. Krista
3. Lisa Ann
4. Tracy Jorgensen
5. Rachel Brooks
6. Julie Fedderson
7. Jeana Watts
8. Christine Tyler
9. Madeline Bartos
10. Charissa Weaks


Tune in tomorrow for the winner of the BOOK GIVEAWAY: THE FIFTH SPECTER by T.S. Welti. You can still join! Contest ends at midnight, Mountain time.

Have a good day, everyone!


10 thoughts on “Monday is Blog Award Time!!!

  1. Cherie–You are too sweet! I'm humming that Kings of Leon song right now–only of course, I swapped "sex" for "blog". Somehow do not think it will get as much radio play, but it's a dang catchy tune. Thank you for the bloggy love and the links to all these other great ladies–where else but on the internet can you find Mariachi band-loving Beluga whales? Ah, it is a pleasure to burn.

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you soooooo much! I have been lusting after this award for a long time… Belugas and mariachi bands for everyone!! 🙂

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