Whew. Tallying is such a pain and Math is not my strongest subject (don’t worry, I still got A’s and sometimes B’s, but I’d never failed Math so rest assured I know what I was doing counting up points. 😀 ), but we finally have WINNERS!

Woohoo! THANK YOU to all who participated in my first ARCs GIVEAWAY! I didn’t know those books would be so sought after. LOL!

Thank you for tweeting and spreading the LOVE. Also, a big thanks to my new followers–HELLO! I hope we’ll have fun getting to know each other.

Anyway, I did the drawing as random as I possibly could, via (I assigned each one of you letters & numbers accdg. to points, and then I picked a random number for the winner. did the scrambling thingy.)

What’s that? I’m stalling? Oh my! Let’s get on with it then.

Winner of CROSSED by Ally Condie is:
A.M. Supinger
Winner of THE FUTURE OF US by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler is:
(throws confetti)
Photo By ADoseofShipBoy
Email me your mailing address at: writercherie AT gmail DOT com.
On another winning note, I won Krista‘s The Mighty Pen flash fiction contest over at her blog I Take the Pen. So I got this badge to show for my mighty, fancy writing pen powers.
Her prompt last week was this:

The soft melody of the song drifted up through the window. The gentle notes floated on the same breeze that stirred the curtains…

And here was my creation:

I put down the book I was reading and reached for the latch.
“Stupid Antonio. I can’t take this anymore,” I muttered. There he was two floors down, strumming his guitar, his voice cracking on the high notes. He looked up and smiled.

“My answer is still NO,” I said, slamming the window shut. For two weeks, Antonio had serenaded me with his made-up songs of love and broken hearts. And all for a night in the town. One dinner date.

I shook my head. It was impossible.

The sun’s last rays melded with the darkening horizon. I took off my clothes, peeling the layers one by one until I had only my skin wrapping me together. But not for long. Fangs extended, limbs shortened and disappeared, my skin turning leathery and black. I extended my arms, now encased with the thin film of my wings, and flapped them.
I shrieked. A moth’s location echoed back to me, my sonar senses heightened at the promise of food. Time to hunt.
Krista has them on every Thursday, so head on over there for a fun writing challenge.

Happy Thursday, folks! ❤


11 thoughts on “WINNERS!!

  1. Hurrah for all the winners! May you enjoy the literary treats. Congratulations on your Mighty Pen powers–and thanks for the tip. I love fun contests like this (when I have the time…which seems ever-short lately.) Now I am scared of evil moths.

  2. Yay for the winners! I'm sure they'll enjoy the spoils of your giveaway :)You do indeed have a mighty pens, so I'm glad you were awarded a badge to showcase your powers. And as for your creation – that shapshifing into a bat – SO unique.

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