Tumbleweeds, NaNo, and Turkeys

Hey, hey, my beautiful people!

Are those tumbleweeds and cobwebs you see on my blog?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why, yes. Yes, they are.

This month is almost over (yeah, ’cause we all know that after Thanksgiving day, the rest of the month goes by like this: FRISATSUNMONTUEWED and then Voila! It’s Christmas! Ok, ok, not right away). And with my first ever NaNoWriMo participation, it’s been crazy-busy…THOUGH I found that it’s been actually DOABLE for me (surprise! surprise!). I am normally a slow writer who likes to take her time, but if you give me a challenge, I get that wild look in my eyes and go into sessions of word vomit.

For instance, one day I wrote 4,200 words–which, for all you superhero writers is nothing! But for me, that’s like my brain was split open by a mad, evil scientist, and shaken around to  make the words spill out.

*what is with all the morbid imagery? I’m sorry. Will try to tone it down.

And then I would go through periods of hardly-any-writing, which I guess is not as bad as no-writing-at-all days. As of yesterday, I hit the big 40K, which means I have the rest of the month to come up with 10K words.

Hooray for NaNo!

For all you NaNo-ers out there, I hope you’re meeting your goal/s. Keep on writing!

So, I am surviving and doing well. And since THANKSGIVING is practically knocking at our doorsteps, I’d like to take the time to say THANK YOU…

…for YOU, wonderful people, who take the time to come and visit my blog (and leave comments), even when it was gathering dust and spider babies.

…for my FRIENDS, both personal and virtual. You guys keep me going! Your stories, your lives, your beauty, your kindnesses…I will be forever grateful for your friendship.

…for BOOKS and ART and MUSIC, because they make life extra-beautiful.

…for my FAMILY, who’s always been there for me, even when I’m bordering on stepping over Insanityville, and for understanding my long periods of silence because I’m thinking, plotting, and hacking away at the keyboard for many, many hours.

Happy Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “Tumbleweeds, NaNo, and Turkeys

  1. 40K! You rule! My Nano is an epic fail. but I still added words, and everything counts, eh? I'll probably have to blog about this. I am super thankful for you, my magnificent #goatposse pal!

  2. 4K in a DAY?! I hate you. Actually, I love you bits and pieces–and want to squeeze all glittery sparkles out of you, but wow. You make me feel very inadequate.Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am so thankful for you, friend!!

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