Show Some Love

It’s V-Day! So I decided to come out of hiding, despite my headache-plagued noggin, to show some love. Which means…blog awards that I’ve gotten not-quite-so-recently and are now in dire need of being passed onto deserving individuals so that love may continue to abound in the blogosphere. šŸ™‚

Photo By EPMLE

First off, from the ever lovely Tanya Reimer of Life’s Like That, she awarded me not one, but TWO blog awards! Thanks, Tanya! Je t’adore!  


Wowza!! Nice, eh? There are rules, of course, but since I’ve already done the give-us-seven-random-things-about-you thingy, and since my life is not superbly exciting as, say, a sky-diving/bungee-jumping nuthead person, I will skip this rule. (The only excitement I get lately is feeling tiny flutters in my belly, which one could argue was possibly the baby moving, or a severe case of indigestion.)

So, onto the awardees!

1. Kristin Baker Przybyla of Fairies and Pirates, etc. (If I bungled up your last name, K, I’m very soorrry!!)

2. The Golden Eagle. Yeah, ’cause she’s golden. šŸ˜‰

3. My teen pal Riley who’s so ever clever and witty. She blogs at In the Jungle,. (Seriously, I can’t remember if I’ve already given you the same awards, Riley girl. Just bonk me in the head if I did.)

4. Kate of Kate’s Free Write. She’s a painter! And a writer! And a mother like me!

5. Rachel Searles of Awkward Girl (though there’s nothing awkward about her.) šŸ˜‰

That’s it for now since the monstrosity that is my headache is rearing its ugly head at me. To all my followers who have faithfully continued to show me support even though I have become one of the dreaded “sporadic” bloggers (it’s only temporary, people!), I give you this award:

Yes, please don’t hesitate to grab this. You deserve this. All of you.

This was given to me by my beautiful preggy friend, J.A. Bennett, who, despite her morning sickness and fatigue, still manages to blog every week (I swear I don’t know how she does it.) Thanks, Jen! Love ya!


13 thoughts on “Show Some Love

  1. Well that was a fun surprise! Thank you for thinking of me!!!! May my many exclamation points bless you with punctuative (not really a word, is it?) bliss.

  2. Cherie cheri. I hope you feel better by now. I sent you an email on the 14 telling you about your win on my blog. Otherwise check out the secong last post on the blog. Ciao

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