Let’s Have Some Fun, Baby!

Alright, people! Let’s do something fun this beautiful Monday morning. Yes, believe it or not, it’s a lovely day outside, and I feel like Spring’s on its way here. (Ack! I hope I didn’t jinx the weather :S)

On Wednesday, I’m going to find out whether I’m having a BOY or a GIRL baby (or bunny, as my 3-year-old pointed out when we were discussing it). So! Here’s a little game for you with a mini-prize for fun:

You GUESS which one I’m having. That’s right. We’ll have a GIRL camp and a BOY camp, and come Thursday, whoever falls under the correct camp, I’ll draw a winner from the names. The prize?

Hmmm…well, let’s say the winner gets to choose between two mini-prizes:

Prize 1: A $10 iTunes gift card (’cause I know you all like to listen to music while writing)

Prize 2: A First Chapter Critique

That’s it! Easy-peasy. Let’s shake things up around here, eh? 🙂 Happy guessing! 


29 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Fun, Baby!

  1. Oh, this is great! I remember those two moments when I found out what I was having–those are times you never forget! Um … BOY. And I will definitely be back to find out!

  2. Fun idea! I wish I could meet you in person because once I feel the baby's energy I'm never wrong in my guess.Let's see if I can do this cyberly… hmm…my first instinct is boy. But that may be because I'm having one. :)Either way, I hope your sweet little baby has all ten fingers and toes!

  3. Eenie meanie mini moe says lovely little girl;) I'm so excited for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed the baby isn't curled up in fetal position and gives you a good view.

  4. Wow! 7 votes for girl, so far, and 9 votes for boy. :)Thanks for guessing! Contest still open so anybody who wants to take give it a try, go ahead!

  5. I am feeling GIRL. A little goat-ess!So exciting the day you find out. It breaks up the monotony of pregnancy. (The birthday is exciting enough as it is, anyway!)

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