H is for the Hunger Games (the movie, not the book)

Oh. My. Holy. Goodness.

Don’t tell me you have not seen this. Don’t tell me…

I’ve already seen the movie (and may go see it again!), but watching the trailer still gives me GOOSEBUMPS!

If you haven’t gone to see it yet, and you’ve read the books, and you’re a big fan, and…well, I only have this advice to give: Bring KLEENEX TISSUES!

That is all.


25 thoughts on “H is for the Hunger Games (the movie, not the book)

  1. I just saw this on Friday night and I want to go see it again! That gives me goosebumps too! And I definitely should have brought tissues, it wasn't a good idea to forget them. They really did a wonderful job of taking it from book to movie!

  2. LOVED IT! But GAR. I had to go to the bathroom right when the Rue thing happened. *sigh* Stinking bladder. 😉 I'll be watching it again when it's on DVD. That way I can pause it and not miss one delicious scene!

  3. Loved the movie :)The only complaint I had was the shaky camera movements at the beginning, and during the fight scenes. But I heard they had to cut a lot of the fighting out to make it a PG-13 rating.It was still AWESOME 🙂

  4. I concur with the shaky camera (but I figured it was only because I'm pregnant and I get dizzy easily.) Still loved it though–Jennifer Lawrence definitely owned the movie with her superb acting. I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype (I'm always wary of book-to-movie adaptations) but I believe this one made it work, imho.@Anita: Whattt??? You missed that part? Though I can't blame you. Stinking bladder. (I know all about it, seeing as I'm best friends with the potty at the moment. Baby boy has decided lying down on top of my bladder is the coziest, comfiest place to be. Gah!)

  5. don't throw tomatoes at me…. but I thought the movie was just alright. It wasn't terrible but for me they missed the mark… *runs and ducks* 😉

  6. I'll never throw tomatoes at you, Cristina! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. See, I thought some of the Harry Potter movies missed the mark, too, but for the entertainment value, it was still worth watching (though hubster had to nudge me a few times because I was grumbling my displeasure) *now it's my turn to run and duck from HP fans* 🙂

  7. I loved it! I waited for my college daughter to get home from school so we could see it together – saw it this past Saturday. I loved the books, thought I would hate the casting of Katniss. Wrong! Loved her! I will definitely see it again!

  8. …I really hate to say it, but I don't think I'll be seeing it in theaters. I'm just not that interested in The Hunger Games. :/ I'm a bad trend-lover. lol. Is that the word?

  9. I love the books – still haven't decided whether or not to see the movie. I don't see too many movies made from my favourite books … but LotR was so good I may just take a chance on it! 🙂

  10. I really liked the movie, but I'm afraid to get too invested in the series. I thought the end of the trilogy (obviously I'm talking about the books now 😉 was a let-down…I don't know if even Jen's acting skills can make me enjoy the sequels…

  11. I saw this movie two weeks ago and wasn't impressed. Perhaps all the hype ruined it for me. I thought the pace was excruciatingly slow, the action minimal, and some of the scenes very pretentious. In spite of the movie, I will read the first in the series as I have heard it is much, much better.

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