S is for the Saturday Slash by the Query Cat

Lo! It’s the Query Cat!

The Saturday Slash is a free query critique offered by my fabulous and talented writer friend, Mindy McGinnis a.k.a. Bigblackcat97 (for those following her on Twitter) a.k.a. BBC (as she is more fondly called on Agent Query Connect). I think I may have mentioned this here before.

But! I’m mentioning it again because I volunteered to have my query go under her hatchet.

Yep. Today. No kidding. My query is in the hands of the hatchet-wielding Query Cat. If you’d like to take a peek, or give me your 2 cents, or simply see if I’ve made a fool of myself, go here.

And while you’re there, you should follow Mindy because she’s fun and hilarious, and an all-around awesome person. Plus, her debut NOT A DROP TO DRINK is slated to come out Fall 2013 by Katherine Tegen/Harper Collins. Squeeness! Besides, her blog Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire is full of great info, agent interviews, author interviews, and random thoughts that could only come from a YA librarian with the best Angelina Jolie pout I’ve ever seen. 😀


18 thoughts on “S is for the Saturday Slash by the Query Cat

  1. Cherie – part of my Saturday will hectare to check out Mindy and your Query :). What a sweet day! Hope yours is too !

  2. Read your query. Sounds interesting. And Mindy gives such great advice! I also had her hack appart my query – it was very helpful.

  3. Ooh sounds fun!! Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!! I'd follow you, but it turns out I already do! Great S word :)http://writeskatedream-jmckendry.blogspot.com

  4. Your graphic is terrifying, but very true to what I picture when I put my work out there for scrutiny. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is a kick. Off to check out the links. Happy A to Z-ing.

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