My Entry for The Writer’s Voice: HIDDEN

So there’s this thing called The Writer’s Voice, which everyone I know seems to be doing. (Deets here if you want to know more.) And lucky me, I got in! So here’s my entry for HIDDEN, my YA Contemporary Fantasy novel. Hope you’ll like it!

UPDATE: Just wanna say THANKS to all who left me lovely comments! I’m no longer in the running for the contest, so I had to take down my query and first 250 words. Good luck to those who are moving on to the next level! 🙂


47 thoughts on “My Entry for The Writer’s Voice: HIDDEN

  1. Always makes me smile when I see my name used for stories/etc. I grew up without ever seeing it, and now there is a Mia explosion ;).Sending good luck your way. 🙂

  2. Love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog–also you've got a seriously kickass query and story–lotsa luck! Definitely curious about the local hottie and his kissing abilities… 😉

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! 🙂 I just read your query and first 250 and they are AWESOME!!! Good luck!!! 😀

  4. This is great – the writing is so smooth I lost myself in the story right away and desperately wanted to read more! And the concept sounds really cool. Good luck with this!

  5. Oh, my goodness – I am SO into this already. Your writing is BEAUTIFUL! I would read this book (and am actually kinda jealous of its awesomeness). :)Good luck!Andrea #32

  6. Love this, Cherie! A couple things could be tightened in the query, especially in the beginning, but overall the creepy-cool effect is great. And love the voice in the first page!!! GOOD LUCK 😀

  7. "My mother hasn’t looked me in the eye since we left the grave to trudge back to the car." by itself an easily accepted sentence. But… added to the opening line of the novel, which revelas that is a year and an hour ago, turns it into a tragic plea.Great opening. Good luck.

  8. Excellent query and first 250! Your opening lines of both were very strong. Great voice. Good luck as the contest continues! Thanks also for stopping by my blog! WVC #28

  9. Hi Cherie,I was all prepared to eulogise after reading the 1st 250 – poor Layla's obsrvation's of the minutiae of grief really tugged at my heart strings. But then in the synopsis, you had to go and have a wicked witch. When will people (apart from Charmed and Wicked) realise that there are way more good witches out than bad ones? Sorry to bang my personal drum in your space, but with all the terrific Wiccan sites out there, I was beginning to think that witches had lost that stigma. One day! Until then, guess I'll just rub some eye-of-newt into my warty, hooked nose and grin and bear it!Apart from that, some cool ideas.Best of luck Cheers Jacky (#130) xxx

  10. Thanks for the comments, lovely people!@Jacky Gray: Haha! No, the shadow-witch is not a Wiccan witch. She's not even human. I only used the word 'witch' to label the sorcery/dark magick this creature uses–and as it is in Layla's POV, she doesn't know what to call the creature but a witch. 😀

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