Bad Query Tips and Much More…

If you’re a writer and you tweet, chances are, you’ve already seen the hilarious and informative hashtag #BadQueryingTips trending on Twitter. Basically, it’s a what-not-to-do sort of guide for querying writers.

A few gems…

Fun, right? There’s also #BadWritingTips :

Anyway, what bad query or writing tips have you encountered before? Please share so we can all have a laugh (and secretly fix our mistakes when no one’s looking. 😀 )


20 thoughts on “Bad Query Tips and Much More…

  1. Wow, I'm behind the times! I din't see these, too funny. As for #badqueryingtips I would say to be sure to put in lots of rhetorical questions. They really get the mind going. 🙂

  2. Hey, how about if your query gets rejected, just rename the characters and send it back to a different agent at the same agency!

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