Huge SPLINTERED Giveaway!

I’m crawling out of my rock to direct your attention to this HUGE and FANTABULOUS giveaway by my lovely friend and idol, A. G. Howard, author of the much-anticipated, sure-to-knock-your-socks-off Alice in Wonderland-inspired debut novel, SPLINTERED! It’s slated to come out this January 2013, but if you’re a smart cookie, you’d want to enter the giveaway to score Splintered ARCs!

(And let me just tell you, speaking from someone who’s had the privilege to read Ms. Howard’s writing, you will LOVE this book. She’s a rockstar writer. I absolutely adore her.)

Click on image to enter!
Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Whatcha waiting for? Go!! And yeah, you’re welcome. ;)


12 thoughts on “Huge SPLINTERED Giveaway!

  1. Sweeet! Thanks for letting us know about giveaway! I'll definitely check it out. And if you have a min, stop by my place to enter giveaways that include my book (yep, I finally did it!). Hope you're doing well! 🙂

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