Blogging and Switching Homes

I’ve had this blog up since 2010 but I didn’t do anything with it because I was running my other blog at for about 2 years. But Blogger keeps acting up, and I am really none too happy with the domain name so I’m switching over to my wordpress account instead.

So. Here I am. Prepare for some action coming your way. I’ll be importing some of my old blog posts soonish. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Blogging and Switching Homes

  1. Anita says:

    You know, only the sparkliest and fanciest of people have two blogs. I shouldn’t be surprised to find you in either category. Hehehe. Love you, Cherie! ❤

    • Aww, you’re so sweet! I started my wordpress blog on the recommendation of someone I knew, but then I wasn’t quite ready to blog yet. A year later, I ventured over to Blogger, where I also had an account, and started Ready. Write. Go. Blogger was easy to navigate then. Now, not so much. I keep having issues with it so I decided to see if I can switch to my wordpress account. It’s been a while so I’m relearning how to navigate wordpress. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You’re a rockstar! 😉

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