Book Spotlight: SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS by Bethany Crandell

Can I just preface this by saying I LOVE THIS BOOK?!? *fangirls*

The Book: YA Contemporary


I took this pic of my very own copy. It’s a lot brighter and more beautiful in real life! 🙂


Blurb from Goodreads:

Spoiled, Versace-clad Cricket Montgomery has seventeen years of pampering under her belt. So when her father decides to ship her off to a summer camp for disabled teens to help her learn some accountability, Cricket resigns herself to three weeks of handicapped hell.

Her sentence takes a bearable turn as she discovers the humor and likeability of the campers and grows close to fellow counselors. Now, if she can just convince a certain Zac Efron look-alike with amazing blue eyes that she finally realizes there’s life after Gucci, this summer could turn out to be the best she’s ever had.

Summer on the Short Bus is a very non-P.C., contemporary YA with a lot of attitude, tons of laughs, and a little life lesson along the way.

About the Author:

Bethany and her husband Terry live in San Diego with their two daughters and a chocolate Labrador who has no consideration for personal space. She writes Young Adult novels because the feelings that come with life’s ‘first’ times are too good not to relive again and again. Bethany eats too much guacamole, thrives on tear-inducing laughter, and is still waiting for Jake Ryan to show up at her door.


Twitter: @bethanycrandell

My Thoughts:

SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS is real and unapologetic. It’s touted as non-PC (Politically Correct) because it is. Cricket Montgomery’s point of view is honest and unfiltered, and though she is unlikeable for this reason (in the beginning, anyway), we as readers can relate to her character because honestly, we’ve all had thoughts that are not as nice except that they don’t get written down for the world to see. Or, we’re smart enough not to say them out loud. (Admit it, you’ve probably thought of something snarky or totally judgmental of people who are different from you, or have different beliefs, world views, or opinions than yours–we all do it).

While there are certainly lessons to be learned in the book, I like that it’s not superficially shoved down our throats. Cricket is Cricket, and like a real, flawed human being, her journey to self-discovery is just as flawed and imperfect. But the beauty of it all is that she tries…and keeps trying. Sure her initial motivation stems from the fact that she wants to impress a guy, but eventually, she comes to it–her character development–on her own.

While that stuff sounds all so serious, the book is actually laugh-out-loud funny. Bethany Crandell’s writing voice is quirky and witty and just plain hilarious! And the rest of the cast in this book could very well be real people. Their personalities are just as dynamic and sincere as Cricket’s. Not to mention that the love interest is swoon-worthy because really, who doesn’t think Zac Efron is hot? (Don’t raise your hand, if you don’t. I know a lot of Zac Efron fans and they might not take to you too kindly).

All in all, this is a book with a lot of humor and heart. Humor and heart is Bethany Crandell’s trademark. Trust me on this. ❤


The SHORT BUS is going on a blog tour road trip right now, with GIVEAWAYS! Click here to follow the skid marks (I don’t know who’s driving that thing). 🙂

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