YA Author of FERAL – Holly Schindler – Talks Cats, Creepiness, and Spills Writing Secrets

I love creepy books! Here’s one that sounds absolutely creeptastic. Check out this interview with Holly Schindler, author of FERAL, at Kerri Maniscalco’s blog (Kerri is pretty awesome, too!)

kerri maniscalco

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Bella getting possessive of FERAL.

As promised in yesterday’s review, I’ve got a nice little treat for you today… Please help me (and Bella) warmly welcome YA Author, Holly Schindler, to our little corner of the interwebs with her fun interview!

Were there times when you were writing FERAL that you found yourself afraid of unexpected noises, or checking over your shoulder for stray cats or creatures lurking near the edge of the woods?

It’s funny—I didn’t.  But my experience with FERAL is quite different than my readers’.  Anyone who picks up the book dives straight into full-blown creepiness (think jumping cannonball style into an ice-cold swimming pool).  For me, the creepiness was more gradual (think edging your way into chilly water slowly, bit by bit).

The book actually started out as an MG mystery, believe it or not.  (When I started revising, the book started getting darker and drifting…

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Kindness Wins!

On The Bully Box blog, I introduced myself and talked about bullying…

The Bully Box

Hello, my name is Precy Larkins. I’m so excited to be part of the Bully Box Brigade!

A little about me: I primarily write Young Adult fiction, though I love all kinds of children’s books, even picture books! I grew up in the Philippines but moved to the US by myself when I was 18.  I was going to college. I guess you could say I was very adventurous. And indeed, it was quite an adventure. I met my husband while at school, and now we lived in Utah with our three lovely children.

My short story that’s included in the Tales from the Bully Box anthology is about two Filipino sisters coming to live in America. This is a piece that’s dear to my heart because I know how hard it is to move to a new place and have to start your life all over again–making new friends…

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Cover Reveal: TALES FROM THE BULLY BOX Anthology

Hello, hello! I’m back from vacation, and just in time too! Today’s an exciting day. Today I get to reveal to you the fabulous cover of a Middle Grade anthology coming soon from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, entitled TALES FROM THE BULLY BOX. As you can guess, this is a collection of short stories that explore the theme of bullying or anti-bullying. And lookee! I’m one of the contributors. 




Check out our website (in-progress) and join us! Be BRAVE at http://thebullybox.com/

I hope that you will support the Bully Box Brigade and help us make a stand against bullying. Release date for the anthology has not been announced, but I will be sure to give you an update as soon as I find out. In  the meantime, please feel free to share the cover and website address, follow us, and be part of our BRAVE community. Stopping bullying is a community effort, and we would love to have your support.