TALES FROM THE BULLY BOX is live on Amazon!

It’s OUT! You can now read my short story, PORK RINDS AND TACOS, on your e-reader because the anthology has gone live on Amazon!



Click on image for buy link!

Book Description: 

Bullying stinks, but knowing what to do about it can make things better. In Tales from the Bully Box, you will find short stories about kids just like you. They get bullied, and sometimes they even bully. But most of the time, they are bystanders who have to figure out what to do when they witness the bullying all around them.
In “Hailey’s Shooting Star,” one-handed Hailey proves her worth on the basketball court and as a friend. In “The Eyes on the Back of My Head,” you’ll get to stare straight into Mike Mansky’s soul with a pair of super-secret laser eyes. Filled with stories that take readers on a journey from the classroom to summer camp and the basketball court to the mall, Tales from the Bully Box inspires kids to be the best friends they can be.


Publisher: Elephant’s Bookshelf Press

Release Date: November 4, 2014

Get your copy now from Amazon, and help support anti-bullying school programs. According to Matt Sinclair, President of Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, a “portion of the proceeds from Tales of the Bully Box–both electronic and print versions–will be donated to organizations working to rid our schools of bullying”. So good stories for a good cause. Can’t beat that. 🙂



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