The Facts About Bullying

The (grim) facts of bullying:

The Bully Box

I came across this infographic while researching online, and I thought it best to share.


The numbers are staggering. And quite frankly, disturbing. Back in my day, when cell phones and camera phones were rare, bullying manifested itself in physical and verbal form. The boys who picked on each other, the girls who spread hurtful rumors. Now, with the kind of accessible technology that we have, bullying has taken an uglier, more personal form. And it is terrifying.

My own kids are still pretty young to own phones, though my fifth grader does have an iPod with a built-in camera. Most of the kids in her grade have their own phones, which they bring to school with them. While there haven’t been instances of cyberbullying among her peers, there was one incident two years ago that involved a group of girls and a tape recorder.

Two years ago meant that…

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One thought on “The Facts About Bullying

  1. Thank you for this very insightful (inciteful?) visual. It breaks my heart to see the result of bullying so graphically displayed. I hope it incites others to do something about it.

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