Epic Giveaway from my fave YA Sci-Fi Author Beth Revis

december prize image


So I’m really, really a huge fan of YA Sci-Fi author Beth Revis. I mean, I follow her on Twitter, on FB, on Tumblr, and I get her newsletters in my inbox. I’ve read and adored the Across the Universe trilogy. Now, that she’s got another book out, THE BODY ELECTRIC, I just want to help spread the word. I haven’t read this book yet (a little short on my book budget at the moment, but hey, Christmas is coming, riiiight??? *winks*) but I can tell it’s going to be an awesome read.

What’s even more awesome is that Beth Revis (bless her heart) is donating $1 for every purchase of THE BODY ELECTRIC to a program by World Vision that is about creating beehives in developing nations (it helps the ecosystem by helping bees, and it also helps the community through entrepreneurial opportunities by selling honey). Cool, right?

So yeah, this lady is my hero. And to further prove her awesomeness, she’s doing an epic giveaway with lots and lots of books and swag, oh my! Just click on the image above to get you there. Go enter, buy or read her books, and help spread the word.


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