My 2015 Reading Challenge

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I can’t believe 2015 is here, but here we are. I was going to do an end of the year post before New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t happen. Instead, I posted about the books I’ve read (and loved) in 2014 on The YA Club blog. If you’re looking for book recs, check it out here.

Speaking of books, I’ve already committed to 70 books I hope to read for the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge. I was going to aim for 100, but wanted to be realistic. Last year, my challenge was to read 50 books, and I topped it with 20 more. I figured 70 is a good number, and doable (obviously since I finished with 70 reads last year).

Are you participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, too?

Aside from Goodreads, I’ve also decided to participate in another reading challenge, which has more specific requirements: 





I like this challenge because it forces diversity and variety in my reading. If I’m left to myself, I usually end up reading just YA fare. But the thing is, I do enjoy a variety of genres and categories. I like Classics and Thrillers, Adult Fic, and even Nonfiction and Memoirs. I like Middle Grade books, too. (I even like Poetry, shhh…)

Anyway, 2015 is going to be full of BOOKS! 

Happy New Year, everyone!


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