Hi there! I’m a Young Adult writer with a penchant for fantastical things. Represented by Julia A. Weber of J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH.

My name is pronounced Preh-SEE. Not PERCY (that’s a boy’s name), or PRISSY. But if you mess up my name, I’ll forgive you anyway. So don’t sweat it. ūüôā

I like hot cocoa on snowy days, snickerdoodles, and reading until my neck cricks (yowch!).

I’m also¬†the mom of three lovely darlings. ‚̧


Check out my editing gigs on Fiverr:

Manuscript Critique and Editing Service

Query Critique


I contribute to:

THE YA CLUB — A blog that’s all about Young Adult books and authors.

THE BULLY BOX — A blog for *BRAVE kids, parents, teachers, and anyone against bullying.

*BRAVE: Building Relationships Against Violence Everywhere

You can find me online:

Twitter: @precylarkins

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/precylarkins


Pinterest: Precy Larkins


Email: writercherie AT gmail DOT com


Publishing Credits:

 My short story The Stone House was published July 24, 2011 at Hogglepot.com, a weekly fantasy journal.


My short story RIMORSO was published March 1, 2014 in the¬†Winter’s Regret¬†anthology published by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press.


Available on Amazon now!

Also available on Smashwords.

¬†My short story PORK RINDS AND TACOS was published November 4, 2014 in the Middle Grade anti-bullying anthology Tales from the Bully Box by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press.
My short story THE DREAM HOUSE was published October 24, 2015 in the Horror anthology HORRORS: REAL, IMAGINED, AND DEADLY by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press.
Available now on Amazon:


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